Ferrari FF - офисное автокресло

Ferrari - sport office chair

Office car chair from Ferrari FF - it’s sport car style and comfort at your home or office. In Sport Line we use original seats from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche and others whose special feature is powerful side support and light weight. Our office car chairs are functional, ergonomic, comfortable and practical. We use only quality European fittings and give one year guarantee. When you buy office car chair Ferrari FF for yourself or for a present you get high quality and maximal comfort....
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Office car chair from Ferrari FF - is a unique office chair made of original auto seats. In Sport Line range we use seats from iconic and expensive models of modern spot cars. Distinctive feature of sport seats is deep seating, powerful side support and relatively light weight. We mostly buy new and ideal state car seats abroad. All seats get professional cleaning and restoration if needed.

While producing office car chairs we use only quality European fittings and accessories made in Austria, Czech Republic and Italy. Together with office car chair you get tilt mechanism with position fixing, reinforced gas lift with a maximum load of up to 180 kg, solid aluminum base with stiffening ribs, rollers (castors) made of elastic plastic that do not scratch the laminate and a powerful crosspiece. Most of our car chairs are equipped with 3D armrests with 3 adjustments in 3 planes. Regulated armrests are very important since they serve as an elbow support while taking off load from shoulders, neck and spine and eliminate hands fatigue.

Quality European fittings and accessories

Most of the car seats that we use have electric settings. In order for their complete work we equip our chairs with built in accumulators and rechargers and also install necessary blocks and emulators. There is usually a battery charge indicator next to the charging socket. Most often heating and ventilation are displayed on separate buttons if any are present in the chair itself. If there is a massage in the chair we also fix it. Moreover we can install massage, ventilation and heating almost in any chair.
You can personalize your office chair by adding more personality:

  • powder painting of the crosspiece or leather hauling;
  • engraving or embroidery on leather or plastic;
  • pillows for head or lower back;
  • we can install such comfort options as heating, ventilation and massage almost in any chair.

Read more in Personalization section.

Personalization of office car chair

Why our car chairs are better than regular office chairs? It’s simple. Design and upgrading of car seat are done by constructors, doctors and designers by gradually improving them. Ergonomic of the car seats is more thoughtful, they are significantly comfortable during long usage (in good car you can spend the whole day driving around without any discomfort). Quite often they have powerful side support and lots of additional adjustments and options – lower back support, breaking back, under knee support, heating, ventilation and even massage. Back of the car seats has big angle which allows you not only work but also have rest right at your work place. As casing for auto chair high quality wear resistant materials are used: fabric, velour, natural or artificial leather (including perforated) and also alcantara.

Guarantee for office car chair is 18 months.

Purchase of office car chair Ferrari FF - is an investment into comfort, health and pleasure. Comfort office car chair with tons of options and adjustments will allow you completely focus on current tasks in business. Thoughtful ergonomic will keep your back healthy. And design and outlook will bring esthetic satisfaction for you and your guests.
Moreover you can hardly find more unique and original gift since office car chair – is a piece good, made only in a single copy, especially in case of personalization.


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Ferrari - sport office chair