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In this article we’ll tell you what our price consists of and its main components using the example of the office car chairs from Ferrari. I’ll clarify right away that Ferrari brand was chosen randomly. It’s just that at the time of this writing we had an office car seat from Ferrari SF90 on sale. Well, these car seats are quite popular in our store. I am sure we’ll also write similar articles about other popular brands soon.

A few words about the brand itself. Ferrari is an Italian company founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1947 producing racing and sports cars. The headquarters of Ferrari factory is located in the city of Maranello, north of the capital of Italy. Until 1947 the company produced racing cars and sponsored racing drivers. Since 1947 the plant began to produce not only racing but also sports cars that were allowed for use on public roads. The history of the company is closely connected with participation in various races, especially in Formula 1. Scuderia Ferrari - an Italian racing team - is a division of the Ferrari automobile company has been racing in Formula 1 since 1950 to this day and is the oldest and most successful team in the championship. The Ferrari emblem is a prancing stallion on a yellow background. The traditional and most common color of Ferrari cars is red but the company produces cars in other colors.


Now let's move on to the cost of our car chairs. What does the price consist of?

     - search, purchase and delivery of the original car seat;
     - seat preparation (lightening);
     - the necessary calculations, taking into account the nuances of the seat for the correct weight distribution; 
     - production and installation of the base;
     - Italian nappa leather and work on altering the seat and perforation (if necessary or at the request of the client);
     - office chair accessories - cross, base, gas lift, armrests, wheels;
     - production of plastic parts;
     - battery, emulator and connection and initialization work;
     - personalization - painting the cross, engraving or embroidering a logo, installing a module to control the chair from a smartphone, installing massage, heating or ventilation.

This is far from a complete list. We’ll not lay out all the components on the shelves, but for greater clarity we’ll simply show you an example on how much only one detail of our office car seat can cost: the original car seat.

As you might understand the car seat is the most expensive part of our office car chairs. An important clarification: we use only original car seats! For our car chairs we try to find seats in new or perfect condition. And the better the condition and rarer the model - the higher the price. Moreover, the range of prices in case of Ferrari can be huge - from a couple of thousand to more than ten thousand dollars. Here is an example for you - 

Ferrari 488 Pista Carbon racing seats for sale

Next, we’ll conduct a comparative analysis of the prices for our office car chairs from Ferrari with the cost of car seats of this brand from different marketplaces (mainly eBay) at the time of writing - October 15, 2022.

We had several models of office car chairs for sale from a famous brand - Ferrari F360, Ferrari 488, Ferrari FF, Ferrari California, Ferrari F12Ferrari SF90. I’ll clarify right away: the prices in our store are indicated at the time of sale of a particular chair. If the chair is not available these prices are used as a guideline (starting price) and the price may change under the order, most often upwards.

Now, as an example, lets consider office car seats from Ferrari 488. In our store we sold them at these prices:

FERRARI 488 - 3500 USD

Ferrari 488 - office car chair for sale

FERRARI 488 - 3500 USD

Office car chair Ferrari 488

FERRARI 488 - 2700 USD

Buy Ferrari 488 office car chair

But how much do the car seats themselves cost from Ferrari 488?

seats from Ferrari 488 for sale

Ferrari 488 seats for sale

Ferrari 488 seat for sale

Ferrari 488 seat for sale

The range of prices for each seller can vary from several hundred to several thousand dollars. And the prices, as you can see, are considerable. And yet, despite such exorbitant prices for car seats, our finished office car seats with all the work, parts, fittings and accessories often cost less than one car seat, and not a new one.

Here are some more examples of Ferrari seat prices.


Ferrari California - office car chair

Ferrari California - office car chair for sale

Ferrari California - office car chair for sale

And here are the prices for Ferrari California car seats.

Ferrari California car seat for sale

Ferrari California car seat for sale

Ferrari California car seat for sale

Well, one more example with an office car seat, which at the time of writing was on sale in our store and which initiated the writing of this article.

FERRARI SF90 - 3 500 USD

Ferrari SF90 - office car chair

Ferrari SF90 - office car chair for sale

Ferrari SF90 - office car chair

And here's how much one seat from a Ferrari SF90 can cost. At the time of writing, we have found only one offer.

Ferrari SF90 car seat for sale

Of course you can buy a car seat and make an office chair out of it, but it will be faster and more profitable to order it from our store. After all, as a result, you will receive a high-quality, innovative and original office car chair which has absorbed all our experience, knowledge and developments.

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