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The most important in one article.

Unfortunately we have no possibility to translate our site into all languages of the world so we decided to write one big article about us and our product in different languages for you to have an easier way to find us and get to know our products..

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      2.1. Why car chairs
      2.2. Division of car chairs: Sport, Comfort and Base
      2.3. Original car seats
      2.4. Office fittings
      2.5. Options and personalization
      2.6. Price
      2.7. Guarantee
      2.8. Battery

Our team has been working for your comfort!

Since 2011 our design bureau has been working on development and production of the unique office car chairs and also original thematic furniture in automotive style – sofastables out of discs and cylinders, stylish clocks and lamps out of car details and so on. But our main direction is still office car chairs the main feature of which is the use of original car seats. We have come a long way from simple office car chairs with mechanical adjustments to an unique personalized office chairs from rare car seats with the possibility of personalization as well as many electric adjustments with heating, ventilation, massage and even smartphone control. Nothing is impossible for us so feel free to turn on your imagination and we will try to transfer it into a unique and comfortable office car chair.

All work on the development, production, connection, configuration and assembly of our chairs is carried out in Ukraine.

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Boss Chairs Team – production of comfortable and ergonomic office car chairs

Comfort and ergonomics like in the car!

Office car chair from BOSS CHAIRS is a unique office chair main feature of which is the original car seat that has been used for it. Why our car chairs are better than the regular office ones? It’s quite simple. Huge teams of engineers, designers and orthopedists are working on the development of car seats aiming to achieve perfect ergonomics and comfort. And all their developments are embodied in our office car chairs. Now this is not just a chair with wheels but a comfortable and ergonomic chair that can have in its arsenal such options as adjusting backrest, headrest, lumbar support, knee cushion, heating, ventilation and even massage, as well as the ability to control the comfort and memory unit with smartphone. All these options and adjustments will help your maximal comfort not only to work productively but also to relax comfortably right at your workplace.

For the convenience of our customers we decided to divide our office car chairs into a couple of lines – Sport, Comfort and Base and also added section Announcement. 

In Sport Line we mostly use seats from iconic and expensive models of modern sport cars. Often they are such known brands as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche. However this line may also include individual sports models of brands that are not so well known for their sporty character. The main and distinguishing feature of SPORT LINE office car chairs is a powerful lateral support with a deep seating position, light weight and aggressive sporty look. In this line power adjustments and other comfort options can be absent (but not necessarily!). This is a conscious step of auto designers and engineers associated with the need to reduce the weight of the seat because every kilogram is important for fast acceleration.

Office car chairs of the SPORT line are for those who cannot imagine their life without speed and drive!

From the name I guess it’s clear that the main feature of this particular line is comfort. For production of Comfort line office car chairs we mostly use seats from business class cars. Such chairs are always equipped with electric adjustments, lumbar support adjustments, heating and ventilation, it is not uncommon to have massage and other options (shoulder support, electric headrest, backrest side bolster adjustment). Moreover in this line we have car seats the comfort unit of which can be controlled using a smartphone. And this is not just the ability to turn on heating, ventilation or massage but the expansion of programs and the intensity of these options. Using a smartphone you can choose one of three heating or ventilation modes as well as run about 8 different massage programs. The memory function is also available from smartphone.

Comfort office car chairs are for those who value comfort in everything!

The main goal of the Base Line office car chairs is to compete with standard office chairs due to an affordable price but at the same time a higher quality of finishing materials, comfort and ergonomics. In this line seats from inexpensive cars are used, in the vast majority of cases with mechanical adjustments and with a smaller set of options. But there may be exceptions to this rule with the presence, for example, of lumbar support adjustment and a extendable thigh support. Why are Base Line office car chairs better than regular ones? Adjustable backrest and headrest, stronger and more reliable design, more wear-resistant fabric (leather), there may be additional adjustments, ergonomics and comfort. I am sure that at a comparable price our office car chairs can be the best and perhaps the only alternative to the usual office chairs.

Office car chairs of the BASE line are for those who want to get comfort, reliability and ergonomics for adequate money!

In the Announcement section you can find seats that are already available on stock and ready to be turned into the office chairs or are at our suppliers and we can buy them off quickly. The prices is stated for the ready office chair. The time for production is 3-4 weeks.

As you already understood the foundation of our office car chairs are original car seats which we try to find in new or ideal condition. If necessary our chairs get professional cleaning and restoration. Any way as a result you get a unique and new office car chair.

Office chairs made of real original car seats

So the comfort and unique chair has to have high quality fittings. That’s why while producing office car chairs we use only quality European fittings and accessories made in Austria, Italy and Czech Republic. Together with office car chair you get tilt mechanism with position fixing, reinforced gas lift with a maximum load of up to 180 kg, solid aluminum office chair base with stiffening ribs and office chair wheels made of elastic plastic. Most of our car chairs are equipped with 3D armrests with adjustments in 3 planes. Regulated armrests are very important since they serve as an elbow support while taking off load from shoulders, neck and spine and eliminate hands fatigue.

Office car chairs with European quality fittings and accessories

Most of the car seats that we use have electric settings such as backrest and headrest adjustment, thigh and lumbar support, breaking backrest, lateral support and others. For their complete work we equip our chairs with built in accumulators and rechargers and also install necessary blocks and emulators. There is usually a battery charge indicator next to the charging socket. Most often heating, ventilation and massage are displayed on separate buttons if any are present in the chair itself. Moreover we can install massage, ventilation and heating almost in any chair. On BMW chairs (so far only on BMW) we can install comfort control module which can be controlled from smartphone (Android | IOS).  

Office car chairs with heating, ventilation and massage

You can personalize your office chair by adding more personality:
    - choose the color and material for the seat (leather/alcantra/perforated leather);
    - powder painting of the office chair base or leather upholstery;
    - engraving or embroidery on leather or plastic (logo, nick or name);
    - pillows for head or lower back;
    - we can install such comfort options as heating, ventilation and massage almost in any chair.

Read more in Personalization section.

Personalization – choice of the leather color while ordering office car chair

Personalization - engraving or embroidery on leather or plastic of the office car chair

Personalization – installation and adjustment of heating, ventilation and massage options into the office car chair

2.6. PRICE
A couple of words about price for our product. Real original car seat is the most expensive part of our office car chairs. And the better the condition and rarer the model - the higher the price. You can check the car seats prices on corresponding market places. In our blog we have articles about pricing for particular brands, we suggest you to read them. But car seat is not the only thing to buy. 

What does the price consist of? Here’s a list of some works and fittings:
     - search, purchase and delivery of the original car seat;
     - seat preparation (lightening);
     - the necessary calculations, taking into account the nuances of the seat for the correct weight distribution;
     - production and installation of the base;
     - Italian nappa leather and work on altering the seat and perforation (if necessary or at the request of the client);
     - office chair accessories - tilt mechanism, chair base, gas lift, armrests, wheels;
     - production of plastic parts;
     - battery, emulator and connection and initialization work;
     - personalization - painting the office chair base, engraving or embroidering a logo, installing a module to control the chair from a smartphone, installing massage, heating or ventilation.

Our prices for the ready office car chairs are often lower than the price for one car seat. Especially it’s true for the rare and expensive models. But if you think about it – we don’t only need furniture fittings but also plenty of other details and accessories, experience, skills and work. So why do we manage to have such a price? We’ve been in this business for long time and as a result we have many contacts with multiple suppliers of car seats which allow us to buy them for the lower prices. And our experience and developments allow us to optimize production expenses. All together it gives us possibility to set a competitive prices whilst high quality of our product.

Compare the prices for the office car chair with Ferrari seat

Of course you can buy a car seat and make an office chair out of it, but it will be faster and more likely more profitable to order it from our store. After all, as a result, you will receive a high-quality, innovative and original office car chair which has absorbed all of our experience, knowledge and developments. 

We use only original car seats, quality fittings and expensive leather (mostly Italian Nappa). That’s why we’re sure of our product's quality and security and offer 12 months guarantee!

During our work we only had a couple of cases and they were connected with the misuse of the battery (all batteries were replaced by the guarantee). That’s why we will give some advice as for the exploitation of the battery.

We supply our chairs only with quality batteries. But any battery even if it’s the most quality one needs to be used correctly. Here are some recommendations which allow prolonging battery life. 

1. From time to time try to use chair functions which need battery power (back regulation, lumbar support ventilation, heating, massage…)
2. Every time after using electric adjustments don’t forget to press power button. Even in waiting mode the battery is discharging.
3. If you don’t use electric adjustments often charge the battery at least twice a month.
You can watch for the level of the battery using the indicator placed next to the charging socket. The battery status indicator shows the predicted discharge, so after turning off the heating (ventilation, massage), the indication may change upwards.

Battery capabilities.
Approximate time of continuous operation of the comfort unit from one battery charge:
   - heating - 3-5 hours. We recommend turning on the heating for a few minutes. The carbon fiber heating filaments in modern seats heat up quickly and cool down for a long time;
   - ventilation - 7-9 hours at the maximum level;
   - massage - 7-9 hours at the maximum level.
In the mode of using only capacity adjustments the battery will last approximately for 2 months.
Battery charging time ~ 6-7 hours.


We make most of our chairs to order (at the request of a specific client). But at the same time we constantly monitor the range of our suppliers and try to buy out rare or popular models. Therefore we have some of the chairs in stock.

We offer you the following algorithm for choosing an office car chair for yourself. 

1. First you can try to pick up a chair from what is available.
The main advantage of such purchase is that the chair will be delivered ASAP.

2. If you did not like anything from what is available try going to the Announcement section. This section contains seats that are either already in our warehouse or at our suppliers. The price is already for the finished office car chair. Production time - 3-4 weeks.
The main advantage of this option is that you can personalize the chair as much as possible for yourself - the color of the leather, crosses and plastic, logo printing, heating, ventilation and so on.

3. If first 2 options did not work out you can try to choose a chair from those we have already produced - custom-made car chairs.
Prices in this case are indicative and are further to be agreed additionally after searching for seats. Production time - 3-4 weeks.
The main advantage of this option is that you can personalize the chair as much as possible for yourself.

4. Perhaps you have your own option that you have been dreaming of or you want exactly the same chair as in your car. In this case we will try to find just such seat and make the car chair of your dreams for you! 
Production time - 3-4 weeks.
The main advantage of this option is that you can personalize the chair as much as possible for yourself.

Payment for the product is carried out via payment systems: PayPal, Swift or marketplace eBay. In the case of eBay, there will be an additional fee ~ 7-10% 

In some cases when the chair is customized we can ask for an advance payment.


     KYIV. Pickup | Currier delivery
     UKRAINE. Nova Poshta | Delivery ~ 1000 hrn.
For the more compact transporting the chairs are shipped disassembled - chair itself and fittings. You can find assembly instruction down below.

     EMS (15-20 business days)  ~ $400
     DHL (5-10 business days)    ~ $800
For the more compact transporting the chairs are shipped disassembled - chair itself and fittings. You can find assembly instruction down below.
In the USA and Canada the furniture fittings and batter are shipped locally (mostly ordered on Amazon to be delivered to the client’s address). It significantly fastens up the delivery term since parcels with fittings are usually examined more carefully and longer at the customs. One more important thing: the charger is usually hidden inside the battery niche.

The shipment is done via Poland in order to safe on customs fees.
     Delivery cost – 150-300 EURO. 
     Delivery time – 3-7 business days.
For the more compact transporting the chairs are shipped disassembled - chair itself and fittings. You can find assembly instruction down below.

Short instruction on chair assembly. It should be as easy as a building kit (lego kit). I’m sure you can handle this.

1. Put the chair on the floor desirably on something soft like rug or carpet. Take the tilt mechanism (base) with the weight adjustment lever forward and screw it to the chair with 4 screws in the following sequence - mechanism - washer - screw.
2. Insert the wheels into the chair base (cross).
3. Insert the gas lift into the tilt mechanism.
4. Now connect the gas lift and chair base (cross).
5. Pick up the chair.
6. If your chair is equipped with a battery unscrew two screws and open the cover of the battery niche which is located at the back near the charging indicator.
7. Connect the wires to the battery terminals (red - plus, black - minus). Insert the battery into the niche and screw the cover back on.

The easier way to find us.

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